Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Supermarket Shelf

Everybody knows you (mostly) can't get spicy grub worth shit in Buenos Aires, so was I excited to see Hellmann's Picante Ketchup (sombrero hot) at my mom-and-pop mart. The only thing is...there's not one lick of difference between it and the original! I seriously don't get it! I mean, on a spiciness scale of 1 to 10, I'd put this at a 2 and Taco Bell's mild sauce at a scorching 10. So hell, mann, thanks for getting my hopes up!

On the other hand, the BBQ sauce tastes exactly as you'd expect it to, which may not seem worthy of note to you Americans reading, but this most precious of artificial flavoring is very much nonexistent here, despite the proliferation of asados and such. So Danica canica!

And lastly, I am an ardent fan of the cherimoya, the most delectable and wishy washy of fruit. (It's equal part overripe apple, pineapple, mango, and commercial bubblegum, all duking for dominance.) Third in the hierarchy of edible ovaries most cherished by theshortestfuse (and trailing only behind the exquisite mangosteen and almighty durian), cherimoyas have always been too goddamn expensive in California, maybe because they're imported from Ecuador and Peru? But here in glorious Argentina, the beloved cherimoya retails at about 4 pesos each! My cheri(moya) amour and I, we will never again part!

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Ken said...

Well, the cherimoya may have a leg up on durian if it doesn't smell like feet.