Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Stoked for Stokies

My mind can be a fascinating trapdoor of malaise and turpitude. Want proof? In the past when I've been on a crunchy health kick and undergone a fast (abstaining from all solids for days on end), I would Google-image-surf all fricking day for food porn just to reap torture upon myself, usually ending up in a whimpering puddle of drool over such eye candy: ramen in miso broth, with sliced pork fat and bits of pickled bamboo shoots; mango slices, Fanta orange in ripeness, nestling in Thai coconut sticky rice; red velvet cake, blood red, oozing cream cheese frost; plump prawns curled in fetal position, doused in thick curry coulis; etc. etc. Swoon.

Which brings me to now: Because I was foolhardily ambitious and quit sugar cold turkey a few days ago, my mind has taken up a fanatical fixation with--of all things--candy cigarettes! It's crazy-making! All I wanna do is have fun and light up one of those bubblegum cigs (the Lights version, of course, I am a lady)! I guess I need to go to the corner kiosco and see if they carry candy nicotine patches. Arrrgh...I want candy cig! Candy cig wants me!

(Everyone reading this, please send some. Thnx.)

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Ken said...

How delightfully inane!