Sunday, October 07, 2007

Celebrate and Cepillate!

Today as luck would have it, I came across this cute little toothbraste vending machine in the Mujeres room of La Rosalia. Of course, I jammed 2 pesos in there as fast as I could. I so respect the efficiency of an all-in-one, whether in my printer or hygiene care. The neatest part about my discovery? It comes in different colors, each foretelling a grand fortune! It's like getting a cookie at the end of your Chinese meal, minus the carbs or second guessing ("Damn, I should've grabbed that cookie...")

There's some creative laziness on the part of the fortune writer though--I mean, in the art of soothsaying, how is "Tender" even in the same realm as "Wishes to came true"? In any case, who cares?! Because praise the lord, I got red. "Passion at your door"--nothing wishy washy about that! Though now I can't stop looking out my peephole...

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Sir Kenneth said...

Man, I wish I had access to toothbrushes available in public restrooms!