Friday, September 21, 2007

Spring Day

Tomorrow is my birthday and as befitting such an occasion, here's my list of things to do before I die. Please god, let me accomplish at least 22% of my goals. Any higher might mark me as a happy person and be too much of a paradigm shift.

Apropos, I made an appointment with our international healthcare guy to up my life insurance 3x. So now I'm worth almost 100K and--in keeping with the great American tradition--way more dead than alive.

Stuff to do before I die, by no means a complete list and in no particular order (for example, I'm not opposed to #11 before #10):

1. See Angkor Wat again
2. See Paris again
3. Be fluent in French again
4. See Bangkok again
5. Watch spawn get into a top-tier college
6. Live somewhere cool in Asia
7. Visit India
8. Achieve Peace of Mind (or 22% of it)
9. Meet Leonard Cohen
10. Date Leonard Cohen
11. @#$% Leonard Cohen
12. Write a memoir
13. Be only 5% overweight
14. Wear white without staining
15. Go on a fucking cruise, the ultimate old-age fun
16. Get upper body strength
17. Watch the "The World at War," a complete DVD set
18. Execute the entire choreography of "Mahi Ve" flawlessly
19. Tour Laura Ingall's original homes and homesteads
20. Write the founder of spawn's old school and thank him

Today, being the first day of spring, was a huge deal in Buenos Aires. Droves of teenagers littered my view of the Rio de la Plata, necking and frolicking away under the sky blue sky (just like that Wilco song). I will say that it's rather cool to have my birthday in the spring rather than the fall. Fall birthdays have always suited my rather sombre nature: I take stock of my life and vow to put to use whatever renegade wisdom's come my way. Spring birthdays, on the other hand, invite a certain reckless, lawless response to aging. They say: Fuck responsibility, you still have health and libido, so go out and put some spring in your step, you hawwwt whippersnapper!

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Ken said...

That's a great list, although the last time I saw Leonard Cohen, he didn't look like he could handle you!