Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Swag Bag

With two impending visits in November by four people, I've calculated a total of 200 possible pounds for checked-in baggage, of which surely a pound or ten could be set aside for little ol' me? So with those extremely selfish thoughts firmly in place, I proceeded to create a list for what we in Hollywood refer to as the swag bag, the ultimate in party-favors gifting.

Take heart, dear family, this is mostly tongue-in-cheek. Your presence is all I ever need to warm the cockles of my cold, cold heart.

- Diorshow mascara
- Aveda lip tint, "spice"
- Wasabi tamaried almonds from Trader Joe's
- A package or two of Just Mangoes (unsweetened, unsulfured) from Trader Joe's
- Emergen-C, any flavor
- Nico wafers
- Annie's Naturals salad dressing, Goddess flavor (as opposed to Green Goddess, which is like totally gross)
- A pound or two of nutritional yeast flakes (from any health-food store)
- Maggi seasoning, a small bottle
- A bag of Reese's miniature peanut butter cups
- Any issue of Entertainment Weekly or Vanity Fair
- Hostess cupcakes, the 100-calorie version (don't ask)
- Altoids peppermint gum (cheapest from Trader Joe's)
- A bag of chocolate chips
- Cans of Maesri brand curry paste, panang or red
- A jar of Patak biryana curry paste
- Maple syrup, pure grade A (cheapest from Trader Joe's)
- Dermologica, daily microfoliant


Nannette said...

I have a huge suitcase ready to stuff with all your swag!!!

Do they have ketchup in BA?

Tom Hanks (NOT the actor) said...

Maple syrup for someone so sweet? Perhaps that is your secret!

miss tango in her eyes said...

You can buy that exact brand (because I just got the can of my shelf to see) of red or green curry paste here now in barrio chino...about 6.50 pesos. After months of looking for yellow thai curry paste, which I still can not find, this finally showed up on the shelf in the supermarket with the fish in the back, in barrio chino.

Yes Dermalogica microfolliant...I am out, but lucky for me coming in February. It´s awesome to have your best friend working for the company!

theshortestfuse said...

omg, thank you for the tip! i heart those little maesri cans. my fave is panang but i can stand to sub with the red/green... btw, what is your favorite thai place in town, if any?

and lucky you on the dermalogica connection!

miss tango in her eyes said...

I haven´t been to a thai restaurant here, because I am cheap. It kills me to spend 40 pesos on a curry dish, when I can get really great Thai Curry back home for under 8 dollars...yes, yes, yes 40 pesos only translates to less than 15 us, but I live as a regular argentine now, and not the tango tourist anymore! Therefore I have become a pretty good cook, recently learned how to make butter chicken, and Red Thai Curry without burning a hole in my stomach due to over enthusiasm with the curry paste.