Sunday, September 23, 2007

Equal-Opportunity Fast Food

Kosher, at a mall no less. And with beef tallow-less French fries for the two or three vegetarians who still go here--yes, I know they serve Garden patties but wouldn't those touch the same Doble Cuarto de Libra grill?--McDonalds is your place to be in the 21st century.

Actually, I have a perverse affection for the place as in Argentina, they mostly exist in the form of McCafés with an adorable coffee bar offering stuff like Cappuccino Vienne, Cappuccino Mocca, and Cappuccino Tentación. Yum. Also, maracuyá, passion fruit, seems to be the fruit flavor of choice and McCafé has Torta Maracuyá, described as: base de queso blanca descremado con mousse de maracuyá y naranja (ok, so the naranja detracts from its overall value somewhat). And with McDelivery, it's just an hour and a half away! Yes, it takes that goddamn long so by the time the grub arrives, you're fully wallowing in the guilt before the pleasure.

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Ken said...

I think they opened one to atone for allowing Argentina to be a Nazi haven after WW II.