Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's No Creamed Corn. Still.

I live for limited-edition flavors. It's nothing I'm proud of, but it's a passion I heartily nurse and share with my dear friend Emu.

I'll never forget the crazed look on her face last summer when, lollygagging at the front counter of Rite Aid, she serendipitously spotted the Elvis limited-edition banana-flavored Reese's peanut butter cups and proceeded to toss fistfuls of them in front of the cashier's startled face. I don't need to tell you how blissed out we felt at that moment (we were already on our way to my brother's wedding and riding high on adrenaline). I theorize that a good part of the pleasure lies in the ironic indulgence of white-trash junk-food binging--it's not like you'd normally eat like that! Be real, bitch. Rather it's kinda like how you'd shop and shop and shop whilst on a holiday--feeling totally justified because you may never see such precious crap again. It's kitsch collecting in food form. Have I defended it enough? Good.

When I lived in Bangkok, my greatest source of comfort was walking into a Burger King (or was in McD?) and ordering a whipple-scrumptious creamed-corn pie for breakfast! These pies had the familiar deep-fried grease-dripping rectangular-crust goodness, but instead of canned apple pie filling or the always too-tart cherry, you get a deliciously aromatic coconutty gelatinous goop complete with corn chunks. Three words: comfort food heaven. And I do believe it started out as a limited edition but passed its probationary period with flying colors. Asians lovvve creamed corn, or at least this Asian does. Mmmm...creamed corn (/Homer)

It was also Emu who introduced me to several exotic versions of the KitKat, from cantaloupe melon (as opposed to honeydew) to coffee to malt to blueberry. There probably exist dozens of flavor permutations of the KitKat, mostly in Japan. (BTW, have you ever asked yourself how one culture can be cool enough to invent not only karaoke but melon-flavored everything? It's awe-inspiring.) The coolest part is you can usually get these flavor specialties off eBay. God, how I love modern living!

So anyhow, all this blabbering is really to introduce...ta da...the Dulce de Leche Oreo, an Argentine store staple. Is it tasty? Oh HELL NO, unless sawdust texture is your thing. Still, I can't help but grin every time I see a package. I'm willing to bet the Japanese have more exotic Oreos. (Off to search on eBay...)

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Jethro Bodeen said...

I would bathe in creamed corn if it made me cleaner instead of just more delicious!