Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This Is Why I Love Argentina: Post Numero Uno

Who doesn't rejoice in a good bargain--or better yet, freebies? Grammarians, avert your eyes, because I dare say that no one doesn't rejoice! Thus, humankind everywhere will be glad to know that coffee beverages in Argentina come equipped with a tasty sidekick. The edible Ethel. The carby Sundance Kid. The Jan Brady of baked goods. This topic is so dear to my heart that I've informally documented all the kibbles tossed my way. Among them (remember, size varies, as it invariably does):
- wafer rolls (flavas: chocolate, marroc)
- biscotti
- pound cake
- brownie
- fruit cake (yuk--even I have standards)
- cookies of all permutations
- chocolate

Check out my all-time favorite score: TWO saucers of candy! (No one doesn't love candy!) Now if I could only remember where the hell it was... (Why yes, there was whiskey in the coffee. Why do you ask...?)


Snarky Pete said...

"The carby Sundance Kid"? I'm guessing that would be Robert Redford with a weight problem?

Anonymous said... - Visit us or die!