Thursday, October 04, 2007

Slacker Genes

Came across a personal narrative that spawn recently turned in for his advanced creative writing class, obligatorily titled, "Who Am I?" Asked to sum up his philosophy for these baker's dozen years on earth, he offered up this pithy view:

“It’s not work if nobody makes you do it. Then it counts as fun.” That’s a line from Calvin and Hobbes. And even though it’s from a newspaper comic, I think it’s the perfect way for me to live.

Shit! Why isn't he rebelling like all good, healthy children are supposed to, and be the overachieving, Republican-leaning, grade-inflation-seeking, Asian-kid-seeming, competitive asshole that I never was?!

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Granville Schuster, Esq. said...

Calvin and Hobbes as a boilerplate for the good life could be construed as rebellion. Just look at the apoplectic state of his parents!