Saturday, October 06, 2007

And Dim Sum

Dorothy, we're not in Ocean Star (145 N Atlantic Boulevard, Monterey Park, California, 91754) anymore!

Dim sum in Buenos Aires is basically a what-you-see/what-you-get one-street-cart act: You point to a stick/the nice lady drops it in the deep fryer; you point to the faux Sriracha/the nice lady slathers it on with a brush; you count out 4 pesos (a 100% inflation from a year ago)/the nice lady hands you the oil-seeped paper bag; you tear into the gristle/your gaze falls on the detoxification clinic one block over. Sickness ensues. Lather, rinse, repeat.

My favorite find are these football-shaped potstickers stuffed with scrambled eggs and seasoned chives, totally vegetarian and a copycat of those delectable chive dumplings you get in real Chinatowns the US over.

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Ken-Ken said...

Great photos on this one! I have seen and eaten this food, and it doesn't look nearly as good in real life!