Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In Good Comfort

This afternoon I received my order of homecooked Indian meals, work delivered by this expat who really should open a restaurant of her own. The grub is fantastic, fresh, and flavorful, and such a good bargain compared to what you'd get dining out (esp. with the insane inflation). For about U$S 62, I got all this:

Each batch serving 4 -6:
- Chicken Makkhan Curry
- Mattar Paneer (mmm...homemade cheese balls)
- Kheema Kofta (mmm...homemade vegetarian meatballs)
- Chicken Tikka
- Pork Curry

- 12 naan (retoasted in my panini grill...amazing)
- 12 potatoe samosas (great with below chutney)
- 8 oz coriander chutney
- 12 ras malai milkballs in rose syrup (blah looking, tasting only slightly better than blah, the only dud order in the bunch)
- 12 pistachio/almond fudgethingie squares (omg...clearly the standout!)

So with my new groovy grub in tow, I came home to fresh laundry and a spic-n-span house and backyard, my maid and gardener having just left. Never thought I'd love bourgeois living so effin much. To steal a line from that Korean company, Life is good.

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