Friday, October 05, 2007

My Pharmacist Loves Me

Well... not really. But he does give me whatever I want over the counter, like the I'm-so-much-cooler-than-Advil Matrix 600 (even the tablets look swollen with hubris) and scary-shit stuff like this migraine medication Tetralgin, which has an ingredient that's been banned for nearly 3 decades in the first world. [For med geeks, Dipirona.]

I haven't actually succumbed to Tetralgin yet, though it was highly recommended to me by an Argentine coworker whose migraine vexation rivals mine own. That is to say, we are both wrecked by it. Oh let's face it, I'm chicken shit and haven't the courage to get within 20 feet of Tetralgin. This less-than-stellar trait is what's saved me from being the full-blown drug addict I'm capable of becoming given my obsessive/neurotic nature. Chalk another mark in the potential:unrealized column.


Pablo. said...

Tetralgin is the best in the world. It saved my life.

Monica said...

Ive been taking it for over 10 years (only one or two a month) and I still haven´t felt any side effects. I wish there was something else for these stupid migrains.