Friday, October 05, 2007

Care Package #1


- Season 3 DVDs of "The Office" ("Sometimes you have to be the boss of dancing!")
- PSP game, Crush
- 10-pack Junior Mints
- Snak-Saks Nutter Butter Bites
- Snak-Saks Mini Oreo Bite Size (hey, Nabisco copywriters: make up your fing mind--is it "bites" or "bite size"?)
- KitKat Assorted Minis
- 8-pack Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
- 8-pack Fun Size Peanut M&Ms
- 2 boxes Butterfinger Stixx (Stixx and Snaks may break my back but words will never...)
- 2 boxes Crunch Stixx
- 8 fun size Snickers
- 2 packs of Twix 4ToGo (doncha mean "Twixx"?)
- Hostess Ho Hos
- Hostess Ding Dongs
- Hostess Sno balls (Dongs, Hos, and balls--I'm so white-trashing it this weekend. And why is "balls" lowercase? Because they hang lower? Oh how I long to live in a world with capitalization consistency...)

Thank you, titi Wa! We love you!


familiaoconnell said...

What do I have to do for a box of Junior Mints?

Nathaniel Birkenstock said...

So you got some Ho's, Dongs and balls?