Tuesday, November 06, 2007

This Pesky Pakistani Problem

I have friends who love to talk shit about the US (admittedly an occasional pastime of mine), comparing Bush to Chavez--bitch, please--and the US government to a terrorist state. But when shit like this Pakistan thing hits the fan, I like pointing out to them subtle (not) differences, because regardless of what you think about the US, we have heads of government who give up control within the rules of the law and without mayhem and bloodshed. I mean--suspending the constitution, declaring a state of emergency, and detaining thousands of justices and lawyers, all without the aid of Mel Gibson in a starring role? Hollywood and hyperboles are the closest thing we have to that experience.

And because Pakistan is on my mind, I thought I'd offer this deliciously deadly recipe from one of my students' parents who is Pakistan born. It's for these Brazilian crackballs called Brigadeiros:

Put the contents of one small can condensed milk,
1 tbsp butter, 4 tbsp cocoa in a pan. Cook on medium
fire, stirring all the time until the mixture become
thick and starts detaching from the side of the pan.

Leave to cool completely. Grease hands with butter and
break off little pieces, forming into small balls.
Roll the balls in the sprinkles until completely
covered. ENJOY!!!

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