Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mood Swings

This four-day weekend has thrown me for a loop. So dazed/confused am I without my 40-hour workweek anchor that I'm invoking Yahoo! Calendar for regular mood guidance (not to mention, the mood ring I sent away for has yet to arrive). Why does it matter what day it is? Well in my too-limited mind, I equate each day of the week with an emotional stasis (perhaps all modern humans are hard-wired to do this). For example, Sunday is mood-ring black (think tense, nervous, anxious), the proverbial dread-in-the-pit-of-the-belly "shit, I forgot to lesson plan again" day; whereas Saturday, in true mood-ring blue form (think calm, relaxed, lovable), is the universal "you can't make me effin care about anything" day.

Anyway, being that (1) this is Saturday, (2) I'm still in my PJs and bunny-slippered, (3) I'm feeling lovable, I've chosen to whittle away copious hours on YouTube in search of a soundtrack to this "worker's playtime" (tm Billy Bragg). And this awesomely poppy tune from '06 is my current earworm:

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Ken said...

That song is effing awesome!