Sunday, November 18, 2007

Java Junket: 19

Café Tortoni. Café con leche y crema. 6.5 pesos. 11/18/07. Hands down the most atrocious service I’ve encountered in BA (and I've seen plenty). We sat for a good 25 minutes before someone grudgingly shuffled over to hand us a menu--despite all the fanny-packed yokels who came in after us getting served. I so didn’t want to be that Ugly American and bitch ad nauseum about back home, but Jesus on a stick, as someone who's had a good run as a waitress I couldn’t help but get my panties in a twist over the inane and lame service. Wild chocolate con churros can’t drag me back.


Anonymous said...

yeah i remember the service sucked when we went. that place is overrated.

theshortestfuse said...

well no one goes there for the food but the history but still. it's hard to take in history with all the tourist flashes going off.