Saturday, November 24, 2007

Mind Melt

Last night I went down to Niceto Club to see Battles, the most rockin quartet of guys since Il Divo. (Just kidding--about Il Divo being rockin that is.) Battles from NYC is what's known as a math rock band, which is something like experimental post-rock done by aliens,* which is way cooler than it sounds when you're sober. They brought the place down, and by the time they did their single, Atlas, I made a passionate commitment to self to Google-stalk the beautiful Ian Williams for the rest of his life. (According to Nannette, Ian was dancing all by his lonesome self to Interpol right behind us post-show but alas, I was unaware of this serendipitous groupie moment.) I'll upload my camera video later. Until then, here's their official version.

* I wish I didn't lack the vernacular to talk music but lamely, I do.

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