Monday, April 28, 2008

Will I Have to Put Out?

I'm scheduled to get my rebate check--a whopping sum of $900--direct-deposited by the IRS on May 9. While it may mark the only time I'm actually thrilled to be making less than 75K a year, a part of me feels so Spitzer dirty for this Bush buy-off (I know for $900 I oughta be able to suck a golf ball though a garden hose). Still, the list of things that need replacing in my life just keep racking up, such as the camera and laptop. And I'm not even talking about things that can't be bought, such as a new memory card for my brain (or a new jump drive for my uh...other drive). Maybe I'll just use the money to stimulate the Argentine economy instead. It seems only fair after all.

o...Hellooo, Prune

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