Saturday, December 15, 2007

You'll Thank Me Later

I'm always on the lookout for new-to-me music that's good. Check out Glide's top 20 albums of 2007, complete with YouTube links. Most of them are too slow and folksy for my taste tho, and I'd only previously heard of 5/20. Outragedly, I ask where's Wilco's "Sky Blue Sky" on that list?! Wholeheartedly, I concur with "Icky Thump." Additionally, I was heartened to see that Battles, Arcade Fire (I LOVED their Funeral album!), Animal Collective, and the Shins got an honorable mention. Happily, I'm off to listen to Andrew Bird.

(My very unscientific thoughts on the top 20: The "Breaker" video by Low is appropriately low-budget funny; the National reminds me of Interpol; "The Underdog" tune is catchy; "Crossing Line" is soothing and um, thanks for the subtitles; I can't stand Eddie Vedder, probably because I saw him back in '91; and lastly, jeepers creepers, the honorable list has way better bands than the top 20.)

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Ken said...

I'll thank you now!