Thursday, May 08, 2008

There Are Some Sick Fuckers Out There

Perhaps it has to do with not getting laid enough, or maybe your mama was your childhood bully, but whatever the fuck turned you into a grade-A loser, loser--stay the fuck away from my teaching blog! These are 7-year-old kids you're exposing your filth to, you puling fuckwit. I strenuously loathe dregs like you.

Die already, asswipe.
On a calmer note, I had quite possibly* the worst day at work since I moved here. Last night a parent emailed me frantically saying someone had been writing "not nice" comments on the classroom learning blog, "not nice" being the understatement of the year. Whoever this sick fuck was, he had the gall to use my kids' names and actually took the time to copy & paste their work turning it into adult material, then spamming the entire comment sections with it. I literally threw up in my mouth reading. It was one part chilling, two parts nauseating, three parts enraging, and fourteen parts maddeningly murderous-making (do the math).

* I said "quite possibly" because what helped to offset the abject misery of this experience was that today, I witnessed some musical concerts performed by a gazillion schoolkids. Now, I'm as jaded and cynical as they come, but by golly if the tear ducts don't runneth over as soon as I hear a room full of children harmonizing. I'm convinced it's just potent enough to cure cancer. So please double blind that, Mr. Medical Establishment!


Ken said...

Oh, no! I'm so sorry to hear about what happened on your class blog. I can't imagine how pathetic a person would have to be to expend the energy necessary to do something so cruel.

theshortestfuse said...

the whole thing could've turned out so ugly, but thankfully no student read any of it. ugh

i've got a different security setting on it now.

pelzkaninchen said...

yowza. bad, wicked world.