Sunday, May 04, 2008

Death & Curry

Tragically, my camera, the workhorsy Canon PowerShot A620, died a slow, quiet death this past week with no one in attendance. This demise couldn't come at a worse time, as I've been happily fĂȘting all over town and unabled to half-assedly memorialize the deliciousness here. Ah well...

I'm still on a curry bender. Friday I met up with some friends at Bangalore, a British curry pub (if there's a better amalgam of 3 words in the English language, I can't think of any) in Palermo Hollywood, where we sampled the vegetarian thalis platter containing vegetable korma, pumpkin curry, butter mutter paneer, and warm pillowy naan.

Then Saturday, I went with a group of gals to Sudestada for their now-27-peso lunch set, still a steal considering the inflation, where--quelle surprise--I had the Thai vegetable curry.

Then this morning I awoke with Indonesian food on the brain for a mysterious reason, so I ambled
on over to the kitchen to concoct a variation of beef rendang. It didn't come out too shabby, considering, and even better, the boy loved it. (A big thanks to my mom who left behind some lemon grass paste fr
om her visit.)

o let's see...that's curry of the Indian, Thai, and Indonesian persuasion--all in one week! What's left?

The b
oy claims his favorite curry hands down is Japanese--ick--so my next project will be to simply open up a package of House brand sauce (they carry it here in Barrio Chino) and ceremoniously dump it into a bowl. Frankly I think he just misses our weekly trek to the Curry House in West LA, because no sane person can possibly prefer Japanese-style curry over all the others, claro?


Ken said...

R.I.P., Canon Powershot A620. Now your readers will just have to use their imaginations. Your blog has become truly interactive!

pelzkaninchen said...

curry house looks good, is it worth rushing out to?

theshortestfuse said...

there are several locations, inc one in little tokyo. it's def worth visiting!