Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dear Abby

I get uh...interesting emails on occasion, and this is no exception. If Suzette was sincere, then I deeply apologize and sympathize with the wonky stress that's causing her to think either (1) I'm Argentine (you don't even have to read this blog carefully to know I'm too much of a first-world asshole to be from here), or (2) I have an insider's perspective on the people's history of Argentina (and yeah, I'll be sure to get some advice from all the Argentines I know on how an American can survive the crash. After all, the two economic systems are the same). If Suzette's a big ol' fake, I say kudos on the political porn spam. It sure beats being asked if I'd like to see young girls with farm animals.


Hello! Hola!

I was looking around for an Argentine blog in English & ended up looking at yours. Hope you do not mind the snooping, but I have a purpose & some questions that I hope 'people in Argentina can answer for me....

Given what is going on right now with America's financial infrastructure, which is so horrible & beyond the pale that I cannot believe that our news media is talking about anything else (!!!) Idiots that they are!


Makes me wonder about what Argentina went through, when the economic system there went under collapse.. I was just old enough to notice, but not old enough to fully pay attention.

For the average person, what was that like?

How did people survive?

What lessons could we learn from Argentina's experience & how could an average person like myself prepare to endure a national financial melt down?

Because, short of foreign nations deciding to keep the Golden Goose of America laying eggs, we are likely to implode under the weight of outrageous financial shenanigans perpetuated by our banking institutions and investment banks.

Talk about a group of insane, greedy, clueless ass holes!!! They have really done a number on us all.

Every day, more is revealed about the extent of their insanity.. The Federal Reserve has thrown out the rule book & just keeps pumping more money into their hands, as if somehow they would ever have enough money to bail out trillions & trillions of dollars of debt! There is no way they can do that!!

I cannot believe it, now I see that the Fed is going to auction of ANOTHER BILLION DOLLARS to these financial CRIMINALS.

There may not have been a law against what they have done, but if so, that is only because our politicians were too stupid to regulate these greedy crooks! Shocking!

Anyway., Since I am afraid we are headed for a meltdown & soon.. do the Argentines have some advice, based on their own experience, of how an average citizen can survive such a thing?

I would deeply appreciate your response & perspective.. It is outrageous that such a rich country should find itself in this situation, but we have been raped by men with no conscience at all.

Thank you..

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