Saturday, February 02, 2008

Admit It--You Missed Me!

I've had little inspiration lately, dear readers; hence, the lack of posting. Perhaps my sole energy's been too focused on eating and napping and shopping and lounging and eating some more, with little brio left to lift a posting digit. Because I'm constitutionally lazy, I won't bother to recount the heartstopping excitement of my nearly 7-week break. Instead, a photo montage... BTW, other than my possible ineptitude, why is it so effin' difficult to post multiple pictures in blogger? I want a scattered layout with captions, y'all, but instead they get jumbled in one congealed column. Any tips out there not involving html tables--I'm only willing to divert my napping energy so much.

Edit: Never mind, I'm a slut to flickr mosaics now...


wad said...

I do miss you :(

Lahlah said...

Boo hoo, me miss U 2